Kayak (K1) Express paddling & ToGO Self-service

kr300.00 sek (from)

Welcome - What fun that you want to paddle with us!

If you are an experienced kayaker with knowledge of peer rescue and previous experience of kayaking in a marine environment, this is a perfect booking form for you. Here you book, pay, pick up and leave the kayaks completely on your own. This means that we can have flexible rental times, more generous opening hours and lower prices!

For instructions on how to book, see the bottom of the page.


  • Expresspaddling upp till 2h: 300kr
  • Halvdag, 3h: 350kr
  • Heldag, >3h: 450kr

Included: kayak, paddle, pump (1st per party), cockpit canopy/cover (optional), life jacket (mandatory to use), sponge for drying out the kayak and our own nautical chart in the local area with marked suggestions for routes and places to go ashore.

Have a wonderful paddle adventure in our beautiful archipelago!


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Pick date


Do this:

  1. Mark the date and time
  2. Select the number of kayaks
  3. Click on "Book"
  4. Go to "Show shopping cart" to see your order
  5. If everything looks good, click on "Continue to Checkout" where you enter your booking details
  6. Payment is made on the web and is not refundable - therefore book only if you have seen that the weather and wind are good for kayaking.
  7. Once you have received a confirmation, the booking is complete.
  8. In the booking confirmation you get a code that you use to unlock shed and kayaks/SUPs.
  9. You pick up the kayak at the kayak place and the accessories in the storage/shed.
    • Place the kayak on the wooden porch in front of the shed - not on the gravel as it breaks if you sit in it when it is lying on gravel with stones underneath.
    • Fold up the rudder at the back so that it points upwards. This way you get the chance to try pressing the pedals in the kayak when it is on land. This is not possible if the rudder is attached or in the rear fork.
    • Equipment included: paddle, life jacket (mandatory), cockpit chapel (optional), pump (1st per booking), our own nautical chart with drawn routes (1st per booking), sponge to dry out the kayak.
    • There are instructional videos on Youtube with both basic reviews, with tips on what can be good to know when to paddle with us, and a short film with a focus on adjusting the footrests. QR code for accessing instructional videos: QR-kod för https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsf2h5vJr6NFleRpDpDK7w https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsf2h5vJr6NFleRpDpDK7w
    • Make sure all pack openings are properly closed before you leave.
  10. Load the kayak at the low kayak pier (down a small ramp)
  11. Have a wonderful paddle trip in our beautiful archipelago.
  12. When you have finished paddling, lift the kayak to the wooden porch or gravel if it is full on the porch (you should not sit in it and then it is ok to put it on gravel)
  13. Check that nothing is left in the pack openings or the life jacket pockets
  14. Wipe the kayak with the sponge (available in the shed)
  15. Close all hatches and fasten the rudder with the strap.
  16. Put the kayak back in place, with the cockpit down.
  17. Wet equipment (life jacket & canopy) is hung on the hooks at the kayak place on the back of the shed and dry equipment are put back inside the shed.
  18. Done! :-)


We have 3 models of single kayaks (K1) from the brand SeaBird. All are stable sea kayaks in plastic.

- If you are shorter than 160cm, choose Åfjord (yellow)
- If you are taller than 195cm, choose Discovery (green)
– Vet ni inte vad ni ska ha, ta grön – den funkar till de flesta 🙂

Åfjord, 3.68m long (yellow): Neat, stable and very nice kayak that is convenient to handle as it is slightly shorter than our standard model. Despite its slightly shorter length, it still carries weighs up to 130 kg and is suitable for both youth and adults. The guide Marlene's favorite model for day trips

Discovery: 4.2m long (green). This is our standard model and fits most paddlers. Very stable! All-round model that we have the most of!

Expedition HV: 5.19m long (red). This kayak is our longest model and has a lot of luggage space perfect for both day trips and overnight stays. Recommended for multi-day trips!

If you have children younger than 12 years, we recommend booking a double kayak and an experienced adult in the back to steer.