We at Smögens KajakÄventyr love to be out in nature and also want the next generation to have the same opportunity. We can all contribute in different ways, this is how we think…

Right of public access

Of course, it is fantastic with the "Right of Public Access", but also something we must protect. Think of the golden rule: Do Not Disturb & Do Not Destroy. Nowadays, we include the basics of the right of public access in our basic course for kayaking. We also inform our guests when they visit us to spread knowledge and get a cleaner sea.

Rubbish in nature

Every year, lots of rubbish blows in on our beaches. We at Smögens KajakÄventyr always carry a bag on our trips to be able to pick up rubbish with us for recycling. Sometimes it's a little bigger things and then you have to be resourceful.

Some things are too big for the plastic bag or the lid then you have to be inventive

Full load when we picked up a lost fishing net to return to recycling!


We work primarily with our local retailers to contribute to sustainable business in the community. As far as possible, we choose suppliers with high quality and environmental certification, e.g. Feldts Brygga where we get our good food from and Hamnbageriet which bakes fantastic and award-winning buns. Smögen Dyk helps us rent out our dry suits to us when winter paddling. Win-win in its best form!


It's tough to be a kayak at a rental company. In order not to have to discard the kayaks after only a few years, we sell them instead after the season when they are still fine and can be used for many years by a private owner. It is great for our buyers to be able to test paddle before they buy, so they know that the kayak suits their needs and we get new, well-functioning and safe kayaks to rent out and use for trips and courses. Good for all parties!


When it does not work with completely fossil-free transport, we work with co-transport e.g. when we order kayaks, we do so in good time that we can wait with delivery until the supplier has other matters or deliveries in our area and can take it at the same time.

On our start page, we provide tips for sustainable travel by bus as well as tips on cycling & hiking trails with a map from Sotenäs Municipality.

We have joined the "Stepping up Sustainability"

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