About us

Smögens KajakÄventyr was founded in 2007 and is located in the cozy Väjern about 2km north of Smögen. The kayak center is perfectly located in a protected bay close to several nice paddle destinations e.g. Hållö & Hållö Lighthouse, Smögen, Ramsvik Nature Reserve with the island Tryggö & Sotekanalen. Perfect for anyone who wants to paddle short or long, calm or more challenging. Everything is available to choose from!

At the kayak center you will find us:

Mattias Roos

The creator of the idea and the founder of Smögens KajakÄventyr is Mattias - our own paddle fan. Paddles all year round and loves adrenaline and challenges. The favorite is "kayak surfing" on the reef outside Tryggö when the wind picks up. Mattias is the one who runs the appreciated basic courses in kayaking and also "special courses" if someone wants to learn something special such as role or extra kayak safety. Mattias grew up in Väjern and knows the archipelago inside and out. Check with Mattias if you want tips on special or fun excursion destinations or how about a secret cave on Tryggö…

Marlene Roos

You usually meet Marlene with a smile on your face and the motto that most things can be solved if you want to. If you have any wishes or questions, please contact Marlene, it is certainly possible to fix. The company's all-in-all that rows with everything from IT technical issues to the practicalities of the kayak center. She loves meeting people and her favorite is to go on guided tours of all kinds. She paddles all year round and is happy to take the tent and Traniga kitchen with her for a few days out in tents in the archipelago. The favorite is to go north towards Fjällbacka and Strömstad. It was Marlene's idea to start the popular "Girls only paddling" in order to get more girls to kayak. SUP is also a favorite and it is Marlene you will meet if you book your basic course in SUP.

Alicia Roos

The next generation at the kayak center is now underway - 2022 will be the first summer for Alicia to work at the kayak center. She grew up with kayaking & SUP and loves to take the dog Teddy on a SUP trip when given the chance. It will be very fun to have Alicia with us this summer!

Teddy – Australian Cobberdog

Wonderful little Teddy is an Australian Cobberdog and was born in 2021 and has been at the kayak center since his first days with the Roos family. He quickly learned that dogs can not walk on water, when he tried to change kayaks by walking on water when we were out paddling. It ended with a dip and after that Teddy still loves kayaking and SUP, but sits nicely on the board or kayak to avoid getting wet <3

He is very affectionate and loves everyone - people as animals. He is a little eager sometimes and wants to say hello, but when it's done he lies down calmly to watch what's going on around him.

Hope to meet you at the kayak center - Welcome to us!