Information about the processing of personal data

We will only process personal data in a way that is legal. The legal basis can either be that

  • The processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement with you, to perform tasks before such an agreement or other legal requirement we have
  • You have given us your express consent to certain types of processing of personal data
  • That we have a legitimate interest in certain types of processing of personal data and that we then expect you to accept this based on your contact with us. Legitimate interest can form the basis for us if you have logged in to our online store and have products in our inbox, we can send you an e-mail with a reminder of the inbox at a later time.

Deletion and anonymisation of personal data

We will delete the personal data when we have processed your request, when we have fulfilled the agreement with you, if our legal basis for processing your personal data ceases or if you withdraw your consent by contacting us as described above.

Processing in systems from third party suppliers

We may store, analyze and categorize your personal information by using systems provided by third parties. Please note that such third parties are not allowed to process the data for their own purposes or share your data with anyone else. They are also obliged to keep the data safe.

Contact, access to personal data, etc.

Please contact us via the contact information on the website if you want to access, disclose, correct or delete personal information we have stored. You can also object, demand restriction or revoke your consent (s) at any time.