Stepping up Sustainability!

We have joined the "Stepping up Sustainability"

"Stepping up Sustainability" is Western Sweden's collective initiative for a sustainable hospitality industry. Public and private actors are working together to transform into a sustainable society.
Stepping up Sustainability links directly to several of the 17 goals in Agenda 2030, with specific focus on goal 8 (objective 8.9), goal 12 (objective 12b) and goal 13 (objective 13.3).
When we stand behind the Stepping up Sustainability , there are four basic principles we take a stand for and work towards.

As little unnecessary environmental impact as possible

The tourist industry always has an impact on the environment. Transport to and from the destination as well as activities and consumption on site lead to CO 2 emissions. In addition, the visits can have an impact on nature at the destination. We at Smögens KajakÄventyr think of this when we inform about sustainable travel to our kayak center via bus or bike & hiking trails, through information to our guests and include knowledge of the right of public access in our courses, we offer an interactive map on our website where paddle trails and nature- & cultural values are excellent so it will be “easy to do right”, during our tours we pick up rubbish in nature to contribute to sustainable nature and cleaner seas.

Good for both residents and visitors

Attractive places to stay are often also attractive places to visit. Visiting visitors are often and so are for us on the West Coast and our destination a prerequisite for being able to offer a wide range of restaurants, shops and other services. However, there must be a balance between residents and visitors so that the number of visitors does not exceed the capacity of the place. The sustainability step includes thinking about contributing to a hospitality industry that is good for both residents and visitors. Smögens KajakÄventyr contributes to this by showing consideration and primarily using local partners for our trips.

More visitors when and where it is not full

An even occupancy for a large part of the year creates the conditions for a long-term sustainable hospitality industry, without harming natural and cultural values. Smögens KajakÄventyr's arena for rentals, tours and courses is the sea and the archipelago outside our kayak center. We have a good local knowledge and can recommend several different places & paddle trails to increase the possibility of spreading. We stay on rocks and cuts in the first place that do not wear out. We bring rubbish when we are out and keep our climate footprint as low as possible. In the long run, we hope to be able to offer more tours all year round! The archipelago is fantastic and calm even in autumn, winter & spring!

More full-time jobs and more robust businesses

The tourist industry mainly consists of small companies with small margins. In places with clear seasonal variations, collaboration in the locality can create opportunities for more full-time employment. Smögens KajakÄventyr is open to collaborations and would like to expand collaborations with local actors. This is an important step in the desire to build a year-round business.

Link to our page at "Stepping up Sustainability": Smögens Kajakäventyr – Stepping up Sustainability