Tent & Kayak = true!

Imagine paddling along the coast, finding a nice island and pitching a tent in the evening sun, so wonderful!
All around there is silence, birds and the sound of the waves when they hit the beach - it is quality of life in my opinion!
However, there are some rules to be aware of. Here we have listed what applies in our area. The basis is the right of public access, but there are also local regulations to take into account as well as natural & cultural values that are protected.

Local area - tenting map

Here is a map that the municipality of Sotenäs has produced regarding camping (Source: Link)

There is also information from the County Administrative Board:

Right of public access: https://www.naturvardsverket.se/Var-natur/Allemansratten/Det-har-galler/Taltning/

Rules for camping in the protected nature areas along the coast: https://ext-geoportal.lansstyrelsen.se/standard/?appid=7dd946ff634b4d4995b14b09f8e34ec4

Kayaking and camping in Bohuslän - the paddle booklets

The popular small booklets "Paddle kayak and tent in Bohuslän" that have been around for more than ten years are now available in new updated versions. They are available for download at Tjörn Kayak Club. The booklets were produced by Jens Marklund and Thomas Åhlberg at Orust Kajak and have helped many to find a tent site in Bohuslän.

There are three booklets that together cover the area from Marstrand up to the Norwegian border. Just to print and head out. 

We ourselves have benefited greatly from them, especially the first times you explore new paddle waters, it is nice to have some suggested places to stay. In addition to tent sites, there is information about how protected the sites are, what surface, size, etc. In addition, info about hostels and some other useful info for kayakers.

Download at: Tjörns Kayak Club, www.tjornkajak.se